Did You Know That According To Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez Is To Blame For Ruining…


The popular actor Ben Affleck blamed all trouble he had in his acting career on his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. Affleck and Lopez were an item back in the day and even got engaged but didn’t make it to the alter and eventually put an end to their relationship in 2004.


Ben Affleck claimed that his relationship with Jennifer was the reason for the demise of his career. He explained that during their relationship he had lost the control over his own life. The actor also stated he didn’t actually want the things he believed he did and he felt lost, miserable and suffocated.

The great publicity surrounding the “Bennifer” relationship also seemed to have had a negative impact on Affleck’s movie projects. The movies he and Lopez made together were not praised very highly by the audience which also contributed to Affleck’s career collapse.


Today both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are in a happy relation with other people and have children.


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