Did you know that according to German law, you're forbidden to keep priv…


Have you ever regretted doing a series of personal and provocative photographs for your ex because they might turn into your worst embarrassment once you’re broken up? Germans don’t have to worry about it.


The current German law states that exes are forbidden to keep such photos of their exes if one or both parties request it. The law kicked in after a scared woman turned up in a German court asking the judge to rule that her ex should trash all of her personal pictures. The woman’s ex was a professional photographer and he had a taken series of explicit pictures, which could have turned into her worst nightmare. The judge decided that the woman’s request was fair. However, he also ruled that her ex had the right to keep any other types of photos, since they weren’t a threat to her.


Overall, if you live in Germany you can keep as many photos of your exes as long as they aren’t too revealing. And you can also keep the provocative ones unless your ex decides otherwise.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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