Did You Know That According To US Law Beer Commercials Aren't Allowed To Show….


You have probably noticed it yourselves but beer commercials in the US aren’t really allowed to show people actually drinking the beer. Why is it forbidden?


There are two basic reasons. The first one is a marketing strategy. When beer commercials started popping up on TV the prohibition period had just ended. Thus, many large beer companies thought their products weren’t something morally challenging and super-exclusive, so they decided not to feature the actual drinking in the commercials. According to them this way the public would be much more tempted to buy the product. The second reason people weren’t drinking beer on the adverts was because of minors : the companies assumed many under-aged people would be tempted by the young-looking people in the commercials drinking so they would look up to them and start buying the alcohol.


However, in some commercials the actors are shown drinking beer. Nevertheless, they aren’t consuming actual alcohol but a liquid which appears to look just like the malt liquor drink.


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