Did You Know That Actor Peter Cullen Who Voices Optimus Prime In 'Transformers' Is Also The Voice Behind….


Shockingly to some of you, the Canadian actor Peter Cullen has not only voiced Optimus Prime in the epic tetralogy  “Transformers”  but also did the unmistakable voices of Eeyore from “Weenie the Pooh” as well as Nintendo’s super Mario.


When interviewed about this fun fact the Montreal-born voice over actor explained he drew his inspiration for these roles from his childhood memories when he used to impersonate different animals and machines with great tenacity.

Cullen discovered his peculiar voice talents at an early age. At one point of his career he had to improvise his way out of a really stressful situation. He was acting in a theater play when suddenly there was an electricity malfunction, so he had to imitate the voice of a crying baby. The audience loved it. From that day on he kept his passion for voicing charismatic characters throughout his whole career.





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