Did You Know That After Dancing Like Miley Cyrus At A School Dance An 11-Year-Old Girl Was Forced By Her Mother To ….


The Californian mom Frances Hena got enraged after she discovered her 11-year-old daughter was dancing “Miley Cyrus’ style” during a school dance event. She then punished her child by publicly shaming her for her inappropriate behavior.


The daughter Jamie had to withstand a whole day at a busy intersection in Bakersfield while holding a sign that said: “I was disrespecting my parents by twerking at a school dance.”

Frances had explicitly forbidden her daughter to ever do the rhythmic dance again but the 11-year-old disobeyed her mother’s instructions and got caught twerking again before the mother had enough of it. This was the main reason for the bizarre public punishment. However, the girl endured her “sentence” and obviously learned her lesson but the mother was not completely certain her daughter would not attempt to twerk again.


Mrs. Hena also demanded from the school management to take the matter more seriously and adopt adequate measures against such behavior from teenagers.



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