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Did You Know That After Sam Mendes Survived The 9/11 Attack He Never Flew On The Same Plane With Then-Wife Kate Winslet For Fear Of….


The Titanic star, actress Kate Winslet, and director Sam Mendes were quite the Hollywood royalties for some time. The former married couple had the peculiar habit of never flying on an airplane together. Both of them were afraid that in case of a terrorist attack or any sort of an airplane accident their demise might leave their children orphans. They always flew separately just in case one of them perishes in an accident so the other would be able to take care of their children. Together they have a son, Joe, and Kate has a daughter from her previous marriage, Mia.


Both Winslet and Mendes have suffered horrific plane accidents. Back in 2001, during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Sam Mendes was scheduled to board the American Airlines flight 77 from Washington to L.A. That same plane was hijacked by terrorists who crashed it straight in the Pentagon claiming the lives of all 64 people on board and 125 in the building of the US Department of Defense. Luckily, Mendes’s plans changed in the very last minute and he did not fly on the ill-fated plane.


Kate’s terrible airplane experience also involved a terrorist attack during a flight but, fortunately, it was a fake threat. Her flight got diverted due to an emergency landing so that a passenger screaming that there was a bomb on the plane and everyone would die could be taken off and arrested.


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