Did You Know That After Successfully Robbing a Bank, Very Polite Japanese Thieves Penned a Thank-you Note to…


The biggest robbery in Japan’s history took place in Kobe in August 1994. Thieves stole 540 million yen from the Fukutoku bank. Its estimate today is about $5.4 million. After a week the bank received a ‘thank you’ letter for the loot. The bank employees couldn’t believe their eyes : the thieves were thanking them for all the money that would support them for life.


The maximum period in Japan in which someone must be trialed for their deeds is seven years. As the time passes and no one was convicted, the police closed the case.

Actually there was a supposed suspect going by the name of Yoshihiro Morimoto, who was arrested for another case of robbery attempt. He tried to take off with money containers belonging to another bank. The cash was at a parking lot behind the building, but it was not as easy as he thought. He ended up behind bars.




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