Did you know that Aldi Supermarket’s staff broke into a woman’s car in…


When Janina Wasiuta parked her car in what seemed to be in the middle of nowhere she had absolutely no idea she would find it damaged, shoved in a bush and with a smashed window.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Janina parked her vehicle in an alley that was located between a railway line and an Aldi supermarket located in Chorley, Lancashire. After the woman finished her shift as a beauty therapist she went looking for her red Ford Fiesta, only to find it seriously damaged and shoved into a bush near the place where she had parked it. The woman approached the staff at the Aldi store in order to see if anyone knew what had happened and she probably got the shock of her life when the staff told her they had damaged her vehicle. It turned out the employees had to make space for a delivery truck and since they couldn’t find the car’s owner, they had to break her window, get in the car and shove it into a nearby bush.


According to the police, the situation is an absolute criminal damage.


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