Did you know that all cocktail umbrellas are made out of recycled Chinese ….


We all love it when the bartender decorates our cocktail. Jelled cherries, fruits, colourful straws, sparkling paper palms… the list goes on and on. But we never bother to take a deeper look at the most common decoration for drinks – the cocktail umbrella.


The cocktail umbrella was first introduced in 1932 and was considered extremely exotic. Nowadays these little cute parasols are made out of paper, tooth pick, cardboard ribs and a plastic retaining ring on the top of the stem. It’s something we’re all familiar with. But what you probably didn’t know is that these parasols are usually made from recycled newspapers from Japan, China or India.


The real secret is that there is a paper scroll in each cocktail umbrella. It’s hidden right under the collar or the base of the parasol. If you carefully unravel it and if you’re fluent in Japanese, Chinese or Indian, you’ll be able to read the scroll. The texts may involve letters, numbers, newspaper headlines or even parts of images.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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