Did you know that all expecting mothers in Finland can recieve a…


Finland has a 75 year old tradition which has proven to make the lives of mothers and babies way easier. The Finnish government has been providing expecting moms with starting kits for their babies for over half a century.


The kit features a box, which contains sheets and a mattress, warm clothes for the baby, tooth and hair brush, diapers, diaper cream, thermometer, wash clothes, burp clothes and toys. The box also may serve as a make-shift crib for the newborn if the mother can’t provide one. The long-time tradition started in 1938 when only poor families were presented with the box. During the years the content has evolved from just fabric to full clothing. Through time, the box itself has also changed. Even nowadays the colors of the box get switched up each year.


The amazing baby starting kits, also known as “maternity package”, could be exchanged for 130 Euros, but most women accept the kit instead of the money. However, if the mother bears twins or triplets, she’s being given both the cash and the box.


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