Did You Know That Almost Everywhere In The World Women Have A Higher….


In general, men have many physical advantages over women. Men are sensitively quicker, more enduring, stronger as well as considerably taller than women on average. However, all of these genetic physical virtues of men may seem incredible but they lose significance in the long run as longevity is, unfortunately, not one of them.


On average women tend to live longer than men in almost all geographical regions of the world. There are many different scientific theories and researches done in this field that support the claim that the female body is naturally predisposed to have a longer life. In earlier papers some believed that the cause for the female longevity is the hormone estrogen but scientists ruled that one out after deeper analysis.


Above all, men are expected to live less than women due to three prime reasons: men tend to smoke a lot more than women; men are naturally eating a lot more food than women that leads to abnormal levels of cholesterol; and, last but not least, men are dealing with much more stress than women in their modernized 21st century lives. Despite the last one is somewhat debatable, all of the above eventually increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke among men.


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