Did you know that Almost one in five single guys would prefers an iPhone 6…


Yes, we all want the newest Apple product, regardless of the fiasco the company has made of its marketing campaign. And yes, we do feel naked and as if a part of us is missing if we don’t wake up next to our cell phone and go to sleep with it.

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter



A gaming website decided to conduct a little survey in order to find how just how addicted we are t our phones. The website in question, Mobile Slots, questioned a total of 600 both single and coupled-up men regarding the lack of a girlfriend and the presence of an iPhone 6. It might sound shocking, but 17% of the men that took part in the poll said they would rather have the smartphone instead of a girlfriend. Not only did they prefer to take their cell everywhere instead of having a girl on their arm on a romantic date, but 3% of them claim they actually feel closer to their smartphone then to their partner.


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