Did you know that Amy Winehouse may go on tour as a…


Remember Coachella 2012? The world went crazy after Tupak Shakur appeared on stage as a hologram. Shakur’s rapping hologram also greeted guests and left a remarkable impression on the public. In fact, his appearance was so phenomenal, that another deceased singer might do the same.


According to recent reports, the heir to the second largest Coca Cola bottling company, Alki David, has bought the rights to the modern technology that made Shakur’s appearance a reality. The reports state that David was so impressed by the idea that he’s behind a plan of to send the late Amy Winehouse on tour as a hologram. The 3D image of the late British singer may go on a world tour, but nothing is 100% sure just yet. Apparently the idea is still in its earliest stages.


Apart from Winehouse and Shakur, Michael Jackson is yet another late singer whose name is connected with a 3D hologram. It seems that David’s media companies have filed a lawsuit against MGM Resorts and Cirque du Soleil over a patent infringement regarding Jackson’s hologram in Las Vegas.


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