Did You Know That An 11-Year-Old Boy Is Allegedly A Reincarnated ….


A 11-year-old boy named James Leininger is the living proof that reincarnation might be possible after all. To his parents’, Andrea and Bruce, dismay, their son began remembering from a very early age things from a past life that was not his own.


It all began when James was 2 years old. He started drawing odd pictures and constantly obsessing over military air crafts. As James grew older he began experiencing horrible nightmares. He dreamed about past events that took him back on the battlefield of World War II as a pilot of a plane.

While sleeping James would sometimes wake up screaming the names of people he did not know. He also mentioned in his dreams “Jack Larsen”, “ Natoma” and “Corsair”. Eventually, his worried father Bruce decided to conduct a research with these clues and what he found left him perplexed.


His son James was indeed remembering the life of a real pilot whose plane was shot down during World War II. It was the life of 21-year-old Navy fighter pilot James M. Huston Jr.. He was flying a plane that was hit in the engine by the Japanese artillery near Iwo Jima on March 3, 1945.

After this stunning discovery James’s parents are now convinced that the spirit of this pilot has come back through their son.


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