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The history of politics knows many extraordinary phenomena. One unnatural occurring was the election of an 11 year old boy for mayor of Texas’ Crabb community in 1983.

Photo for illustration purposes only. Copyrights:
Photo for illustration purposes only. Copyrights:

Brian won the elections in 1983 with 23 out of 30 votes. He became the new mayor of Crabb and promised to incorporate the Crabb community. The issue with unincorporated communities was complicated enough even then, but that didn’t scare off the young mayor. He wanted to avoid an annexation, because a possible annexation would mean higher taxes. His goal was to avoid such a move by some neighboring cities, including Houston. However, incorporation of Crabb would mean deposition for Brian.


Nevertheless, that didn’t stop the boy from leading his campaign. He was so fierce in defending his community that he was even re-elected. According to his own words, a mayor’s job is to do what’s best for the people. Even though he tried to do his best, Crabb remains unincorporated even in present day.
Brian died at the age of 24 in Houston of a heart attack. His deed wasn’t carried out, but he never gave up.


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