Did you know that an 11 year old girl got stuck in a washing machine while…


Any child’s game can turn into a crying game. And by the looks of it even hide and seek, one of the most innocent games, is no exception.

source: NBS
source: NBS

According to a report by the Salt Lake Tribune, an unnamed 11 year old girl from South Jordan, Utah, was playing hide and seek when she got herself into a life-threatening predicament. The 11 year old decided it would be great to use her parents’ washing machine for a hiding spot. After crawling into the top loading machine, the girl spent around an hour in the appliance before her parents found her. Due to the way she had curled up her feet for the past hour, the girl had lost all muscle function in her legs and wasn’t able to climb out of the machine. Her parents tried to get her free with the help of warm water, ice and peanut butter, but eventually had to call the emergency services. A group of firefighters was finally able to free the girl.



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