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Did You Know That An 11-Year-Old Girl Has The Ability To Set Things On Fire With….


An 11-year-old Vietnamese girl is now being recognized as a global scientific phenomenon. According to her family and numerous medical diagnosticians, the little girl can set anything on fire just by using the power of her mind.

The little girl’s father stated that it all started while they were living in their old house and began experiencing constant short circuits of the electrical network. No one could find the cause of these electrical surges. When the girl was taken to a friend’s house the family was stunned to experience the very same electrical problems.

source: internet
source: internet

When the girl was taken to be examined by specialists, they were shocked to witness her unique ability. Doctors could find nothing wrong with the girl besides a weird line that ran through the right part of her brain. According to the specialists only great philosophers and painters had such lines on their brains.


This ability from science-fiction called pyrokinesis is considered by the specialists as a possible reason for the phenomenon. They think that the biological energy of the girl is somehow unbalanced and fluctuates at some point. In order to find out why there were fires wherever the girl went, they took samples from the girl’s DNA and are currently keeping her in a safe environment.


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