Did You Know That An 11-Year-Old Is Attending Texas Christian University And Studying To Become….


Carson Huey-You is leading a normal life for an 11-year-old kid : he plays video games, he likes to spend time with his friends and has big dreams just like most young children. However, there’s one exception – he’s currently taking his first semester at Texas Christian University.
When Carson was three he knew how to read, write and do maths on extremely high level for his age. By the time he turned five he was already working on an 8th grade level. His parents were shocked by his phenomenal brains and skills. He scored 1770 on his SAT and wished to become a quantum physicist. So his parents took upon the challenging task of enrolling him in the higher education system.

Photo of Carson Huey-You by Maddi Bruton.
Photo of Carson Huey-You by Maddi Bruton.

Carson was accepted at TCU after a personal interview since the online application system did not allow people born in 2002 to apply. The Dean of Admission, Ray Brown, was struck by Carson’s intelligence and immediately agreed to admit the child-prodigy. Carson’s first semester includes calculus and physics classes. His parents are expecting him to graduate by the age of fifteen or sixteen.


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