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Did You Know That An 18-Year-Old Teenager Created An App For People Who Hate Reading The News And …


If you are a teenager like the 18-year-old Nick D’Alosio you probably don’t like reading the news on the internet. It’s either that you don’t have the time for it or you simply have higher priorities in life. Although you know it’s important to always stay informed and feed your thirst for knowledge, diving constantly in the infinite stream of information found on the web is overwhelming.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

This is why Nick D’Alosio from the UK decided to find a solution to this problem, rather than just giving up and remaining perpetually uninformed forever. The talented youngster taught how to code at the age of 12. When he turned 15 he already had designed a successful app that created one-of-a-kind summaries of relevant to the user news. He became the youngest person who received venture capital for a technology company he ran. When D’Alosio was 17 his app called “Summly” was bought by Yahoo for the estimated amount of $30 million.


Now the 18-year-old D’Alosio is a successful product development manager and leads a team of 10 Silicon Valley software engineers that are working on Yahoo’s newest invention called “Yahoo News Digest”.


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