Did you know that an 81-year-old man read about his death in the…


Imagine how shocked you would be if you read about your death in the local newspaper. It recently happened to an elderly Swedish man and he actually took the news quite well.

copyrights: for illustration purposes only
copyrights: for illustration purposes only

The 81 year old Sven-Olof Svensson from Jönköping, Sweden, was hospitalised on Christmas Eve 2013 after feeling sick. Unfortunately, his older 90 year old sister didn’t quite grasp the doctor’s report over the phone and thought her brother had died in the hospital. Shortly after an article about Svensson’s death appeared in the local newspaper and the man realized he was believed to be dead.


His sister didn’t realize her mistake before a family friend got involved. The unnamed friend went to the hospital in order to gather Svensson’s belongings and found the man sitting on the bed – alive and well.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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