Did you know that an adopted woman used FB to track down….


Social media does it all! Catching criminals, stalking ex-boyfriends/girlfriends and even reuniting families – it’s all part of its amazing functionality.


36 year old Nicholle Oliver, who currently lives in Pennsylvania, was put up for adoption in Ohio as a newborn baby. Her parents told her older sister they were giving up the baby because of health problems caused by her mother’s drug addiction. More than 3 decades later Nicholle finally reached out to her biological family through Facebook. The woman posted a picture of herself holding a huge sign explaining how she was born and given away for adoption. She wrote her mother’s age and name and requested that her Facebook friends share the picture to help her find her family. In less than a week the picture was shared nearly 5,000 times and it served its purpose.


Nicholle learned that her mother had died, but she reunited with her two biological sisters in Ohio. Thanks to social media, Nicholle, Dollie Conant and Rosie Briggs Franklin are together again.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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