Did you know that An Alabama SWAT was tricked by bags filled with…


An Alabama based bomb squad was tricked by a couple of suspiciously looking bags, which were actually filled with hot dogs.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Earlier this January a bomb squad was called to action over a couple of bags, which were thought to be bombs, but turned out to be completely harmless, as they contained hot dogs.


In the morning on the 6th of this January a staff member working at the post office in Florence, Alabama, US, spotted a package, which looked suspicious. Thus, the post office worker called the police to report the package and shortly after that the Florence Police Department responded by sending over a bomb squad. The squad examined the package in question, which contained a couple of bags. The X-ray test, which were carried out over the bags, showed that there was something wrapped in aluminum foil, which didn’t allow the X-rays to go through it and reach the insides of the wrapping. A robot was used to pick up the two bags and carry them out of the post office so that they could be detonated or disarmed without endangering any lives or property. However, during the transportation one of the bags ripped open. As it turned out, the package didn’t contain a bomb. It was filled with hot dogs wrapped in aluminum. The second bag contained the very same things.

The bombing squad was tricked by the hot dogs thanks to the failed X-ray. The police is currently running a further investigation into the case, since it’s not clear who exactly delivered the hot dogs to the Florence post office and if that person intended to create such a panic and confusion by intentionally wrapping the hot dogs in the bags with X-ray resistant aluminum foil.


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