Did You Know That An Allegedly Alien Warning Message Was Broadcast Live On….


One of the weirdest broadcast interruptions happened on November  26, 1977 in the United Kingdom. The event which is more famous as the Southern Television broadcast interruption caused a lot of widespread panic across the whole country.


The interruption itself was caused by a yet unknown perpetrator and is generally considered to be a complete fabrication that required a considerable amount of technical wisdom.


The interference in the TV signal happened at 5:10 p.m. local time when an unknown voice tapped into the program. The speaker presented himself as an alien leader of an “Intergalactic Association” whose name is still disputed. It was either “Vrillon” or “Gillon” or as others claim “Asteron”. Whichever it was it doesn’t matter because the deep spooky voice of the fictional character was able to speak for almost 7 minutes.
His message was intended to warn the humankind of the upcoming future danger people might face. In his statement he urged the humans to seize living in war and remove all weapons from the face of the Earth. He also noted that the people of Earth must change their ways and finally start living in peace.

When his message was delivered the voice and the interruption disappeared and the TV program was put back to normal.

In conclusion there was a mass panic among the citizens who experienced the whole unintended broadcast. There were also many speculations among alien enthusiasts whether the broadcast was really a hoax or a real alien warning.


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