Did you know that An amazing time lapse video shows a guy taking selfies every day for…


This guy’s story takes the selfie craze on a whole new level.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Hugo Cornellier was only 10 years old when he developed a fascination with cameras and photography. At the age of 12 he started taking self-pictures each day and continued to do so for the next 7 years. The guy didn’t skip even a day and most of his selfies were at his parent’s home Quebec, Canada. He also took his selfies on vacation and during sleep-overs at friends’ houses. Nowadays the 19 year old Hugo has put together an incredible video using his selfies, which shows exactly how much he has grown and changed over the last 7 years. He uploaded the time lapse video to YouTube at the end of July this year and it has reached nearly 3 million views already!


According to him, he will never get tired of taking selfies every single day and he’s planning to continue this incredible project thorough his whole life. 


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