Did You Know That An American Family Went Sugar-Free For An Entire…


Probably most people are aware that sugar is not exactly good for you. Knowing that, a mother of two decided to have some sort of an experiment together with her family and go on an entire year without any sugar whatsoever.


Eve Schaub got the idea about the sugar-free year after coming across disturbing information about sugar and how it is responsible for a number of serious diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and metabolic syndrome. The goal was to consume no sugar and no food containing it for entire twelve months. The surprise was sugar was to be found everywhere : from fruit juices and supposedly healthy bars to sausages, tortillas and even bacon and chicken. The only sweet thing allowed were natural products such as fruit of all kind. Eve shares that it was hard at first but the family got used to it over time. Soon, they all started noticing the positive effects from their experiment : they felt healthier, more energetic, their skin tone became different. Eve explains how her children used to miss a lot of school during flu season but that no longer happens. All in all, a lot gained and nothing lost from the ‘no sugar’ experiment except for a little weight.


Currently, the family eats as they please but everyone found sugar and sugary foods are no longer appealing as their palates have become quite sensitive after the sugar absence. Eve has wrote a book called “Year of No Sugar” wanting to share her experience with other people and especially mothers who want to raise healthier children.


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