Did you know that An American man was fired over tattooing “Isis” over…


This American man was fired from his work for tattooing “Isis” on the inner section of his lower lip.
This worker got a tattoo on his lower lip reading “Isis” and got released from his contract after his boss found out about it. As it turns out, the man had no intention of linking the name Isis with the Islamic terrorist organization called ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), but apparently, his former boss thought so.

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The man in question, Kirk Soccorso, had the tattoo back in 2011. At that time he was dating his former girlfriend, who was named Isis. The girl, who was named after the goddess of nature in the Egyptian mythology, made such an impact on Kirk, that he decided to tattoo her name on the inside of his lower lip. Unfortunately, there was no way to predict the Islamic organization ISIS would become such a great issue in several short years after getting his tattoo. Not only that, but in fact, Kirk didn’t even know what the abbreviation ISIS stood for up until recently!

He overheard some of his ex-co-workers speaking out loud the name Isis, so he showed them his tattoo. Little did he know he was going to get fired shortly after that. Kirk was working as a salesperson in a New York’s Home Depot store. Unfortunately, his ex-boss didn’t like the fact that one of his workers had an Isis tattoo, even if it was in a not so visible part of his body. Thus, Kirk got fired from his job.


The official paperwork states that the reason for the firing was a “personnel issue”, although it seems like everything leads to Kirk’s misunderstood tattoo. The unfortunate man stated that he didn’t even know how it had happened, because the firing came out of the blue. He also stated that he’s ready to plead in order to get a change to get his job back, since he liked the salary and the nature of the job position.


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