Did You Know That An Analysis of Justin Bieber's Twitter Followers Found That Around 50% Of Them…


All celebrities have accounts in the social networks and are striving to get as many followers and fans as possible. Justin Bieber makes no exception.


According to a report, approximately half of Justin Bieber’s Twitter followers aren’t real. The teen idol has the largest number of followers after he overtook Lady Gaga who used to be the leader.

However, a research suggests that about 50% of his 37.3 million followers are fake. The research has been conducted by the Socialbakers website. The main criterion used to determine whether an account was genuine or not was the activity and the posted tweets. Thus, followers that continuously posted tweets such as “work from home”, “diet” and “make money” were considered fake because they generated spam instead of real tweets.


Lady Gaga’s followers were also examined and it turned out that the number of her genuine fans is 19 million. This means that theoretically Bieber should fall to second place as he has 17 million genuine followers.


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