Did you know that An ancient viruses can be unleashed on…


Scientists claim that the global warming could unleash a series of pre-historic viruses if the ice caps of our planet melt.

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Dr. Eric Delwart from the Blood Systems Research Institute in San Francisco, California, and his team have found tons of objects in Canada perfectly preserved in the ice capsules that have been formed around them – from shoes and arrow heads to ancient reindeer feces. From the fecal matter preserved in Canada’s ice caps, Dr. Delwart’s team managed to resurrect an ancient virus. This led to a theory that more pre-historic viruses could be contained in the ice caps all over the world, not just in Canada. Such viruses could pose a great threat to the flora and fauna of our planet, as well as to mankind.


Dr. Delwart claims that the ice capsules have done an outstanding job in preserving the virus they resurrected, which means that if we continue drilling in the Artic regions’ ice caps and the global warming expands, we could unleash a series of pre-historic viruses on ourselves.


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