Did you know that An angry groom chased down an insolent thief who…


Weddings can get quite crazy, especially for the bride and the groom. And when one of the guests decides to steal wedding gifts, the situation can get out of hand.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

On the 28th of June this year Stephanie and Jared Lightle were renewing their vows in the town of Joplin, Montana. The couple, who got married last year, was holding a private ceremony at the town’s wedding hall. As the groom and his mother were loading some of the wedding gifts in their car Jared’s mom realized an uninvited guest was stealing some of the gifts. The groom immediately plunged himself into a wild chase while he was still dressed in his tuxedo. The groom, his father and his brother chased down the thief for a few blocks until the police got a hold of him. He was later identified as a 31 year old man named Rosario Caruso. He was charged with larceny and trespassing as well as resisting an arrest.


Jared told the media that he was glad about the unexpected turnout, since he’ll have an interesting story to tell to his grandkids one day. 


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