Did You Know That An Anonymous Do-Gooder Returned A Teenager's Wallet With Some Added Cash And…


Cristhian Reyes was attending a baseball game in Florida when he lost his wallet. The teenager was so excited for the season opening and watching his favorite team, the Miami Marlins, that he somehow lost his wallet.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

The boy was very upset but a few days later he had a very pleasant surprise. A total stranger found his wallet and showed up at his high school to give it back to Reyes. The good Samaritan found out which one was the boy’s school by his student ID card in his wallet. So he went to school’s front desk and left the wallet to the secretary accompanied with a note. It explained to Reyes that the man found his wallet and wanted to do something nice so he added a $20 bill inside. He also asked Reyes to return the favor and make someone else believe the world is a great place when he gets the chance. The teenager was pretty touched by the stranger’s gesture and promised to do as he was told.


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