Did you know that An aspiring model’s career was destroyed thanks to too many collagen…


This aspiring model ruined her image and career thanks to her addiction to collagen lip injections.
If you’re dreaming of having Kylie Jenner’s plump pout and you’re thinking of acing her full lips with collagen lip injections, you might want to change your mind. Just look at what this woman did to herself and you’ll definitely see the nasty side effect.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

Priscilla Caputo, a former model from California, US, once thought that she had to use collagen in order to boost her career. The woman, who’s now in her early 30s, can’t even look at the horrifying results without crying. It all started several years ago when Priscilla was still an aspiring model. She thought that if she altered her lips and made them fuller, she would get more modeling gigs. So, she started getting collagen lip injection after collagen lip injection. One after one, her ex-boyfriend (who was a plastic surgeon) was the one to jab the injections in the model’s lips. Every time she looked in the mirror, she thought she needed more and more. Her partner never told her to stop, so they continued with the procedures until Priscilla was left with a ridiculous cartoon-ish looking mouth. However, she never saw the monster she had become up until she decided to post a before/after photo on her Facebook page. Her images became viral and she turned into a laughing stock in no time. That’s when she realized she had gone too far. Her modeling offers stopped coming up and shortly after that she even ended up in therapy, because she was thinking about ending her own life.
Fortunately, over the course of the upcoming years, Priscilla slowly started getting her old lips back. She stopped getting collagen injections and she turned towards the media in order to give advice to other women thinking about getting injections. She claims she can’t look at her old pictures without crying, but she wants other people to look at them, so they won’t have to make the mistake she did.


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