Did you know that an Australian man needed medical help after he failed in trying to vacuum out a co


Cockroaches are probably one of the nastiest creatures on the planet. They are repulsive, they carry disease and their survival skills are legendary. According to some reports, cockroach colonies can survive even radioactive radiation.

A man from Darwin, Australia, identified as Hendrik Helmer, recently appeared on the news after he had an awful encounter with a cockroach. Helmer woke up and realized he had something stuck in his ear. He tried to vacuum out the unidentified foreign body with the help of water and a vacuum cleaner. However, it only infuriated the creature, so Helmer rushed to see a doctor at a local hospital. The doctors realized the foreign body in the man’s ear was a 2cm long cockroach. Allegedly, they spent quite some time trying to get the insect out of Helmer’s ear.
Eventually the medics were able to pull out the insolent insect using undisclosed methods.


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