Did You Know That An Engagement Ring Allegedly Worn By 'Satan Herself' Is Being ….

Advertisement is one of the most famous websites for classified ads with various sections dedicated to services, jobs, resumes, items for sale, housing and many more. You can practically find anything you need to buy for yourself or for your household.

When people try to sell something online they usually put a nice description of the product with the hope of someone buying it. One particular Craigslist user from Pennsylvania recently posted an advertisement for a special enchanted diamond engagement ring.


The user wants to sell the diamond ring at the reasonable price of $1,800 with the original ring box included but there’s a catch. According to the ad the ring has a rich history of destruction. It was presumably worn for a short period of time by “Satan herself”.


In the ad the seller warns the potential buyers of a curse that would allegedly cause damage to their homes, vehicles and hearts. The cursed ring would not only down its owner power lines but also send deadly swarms of locust. He advises the person willing to buy the ring to organize a special cleansing performed by a voodoo priest who could help get rid of the bad mojo surrounding the piece of jewelry.
If the seller fails to sell his cursed engagement ring till Christmas he pledges to throw it in the fires of Mordor.

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