Did you know that an English policeman launched investigation into suspicious light source which…


An English police constable on night duty in Worcestershire, UK was on the job when he spotted a light source over the hills which, according to him, seemed suspicious. He assumed the light actually came from car headlights as the area was a popular spot for teenagers to hang out. Thinking that they might be engaged in something illegal, the constable immediately set off to catch offenders and called his sergeant to warn him he might need back-up if he happens to walk on a crime scene.


However, 20 minutes later, the officer realized what he was doing and called the radio again to explain he had been chasing the moon’s light from the very beginning.
The story of the police officer blew up rapidly after ‘Police’ magazine published an article about it. Another police source explained that some colleagues of the wretched constable even put werewolf pictures on his locker at work. It’s no wonder why he was so embarrassed to even show up to work the next day.


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