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Did you know that an escaped criminal caught after he called 911 to complain…


A guy from Texas thought he could get away with breaking the law. However, he soon learned that he had made a huge mistake by trying to run from the cops.


According to official reports the 29 year old Dyonta Rose was captured in DeSoto, Texas, earlier this February on several drug charges, including possession of various illegal substances. The police arrested the man and handcuffed him but he soon made a run for it when he saw his chance. However, his lucky prison break wasn’t lucky at all. It turned out the cops had tightened too much his handcuffs and the man was forced to call 911 that very same day. The reports state that he requested help, since the handcuffs had cut out the blood circulation in his arms.


When the police officers caught Dyonta for the second time, they made sure he wouldn’t escape again. He’s yet to face charges of restraining an arrest, escape, drug possession and tampering with evidence.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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