Did you know that an Indian businessman swallowed 12 gold bars in order to…


A 63 year old businessman thought he was making a smart decision that could have saved him losing fortunes. Unsurprisingly, his plan backfired at him.


The unnamed 63 year old man was hospitalized in Delhi, India, shortly after he started feeling stomach pains and discomfort. He told the doctors he had swallowed a bottle cap during a fight with his wife. The doctors at the hospital ruled he was in need of a surgery in order to help him. However, when the surgeons tried to find the bottle cap, they were more than shocked when they discovered the man had swallowed something bigger – and much more valuable. The baffled surgeons realized the businessman had 12 gold bars lying in his stomach. The dozen bars weighting 400g were quickly confiscated by the local authorities. The shocked surgeons had to work carefully in order to prevent any possible injury.


The 3 hour long operation might have cost the man more than the fortune he had swallowed.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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