Did You Know That An Indian Girl Aged 8 Is The World's Youngest Divorcee After Leaving …..


India is one of the most colorful and culturally rich countries in the world. Despite this fact it has some shaky laws when it comes to marriage. Based on UNICEF statistics over 32.9% of the women in the country are married against their will below the age of 18.

Here is the story of an Indian girl named Fatima Mangre who was married off by her father Anil when she was barely 4 years old. The Anil family lives in a village called Nakhi which is situated in the Shravasti district of India’s Uttar Pradesh state.

Please note that this picture is just an example of Indian girl getting married and NOT the actual girl from the story

It took the father nearly four years to realize his horrible mistake. When Fatima turned 8 her father Anil suddenly decided that it was wrong for her to be married so early in her life. Anil then had the marriage annulled and did not give his daughter to the in-law family when they came to collect her. He said it was better to provide Fatima with a childhood and marry her when she turns 18.


The authorities are currently investigating the details of the case. They demand to know why the father of the girl married her so young and why the father of the boy agreed to the marriage when Fatima was barely 8 years old.


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