Did You Know That An Infant Who Fell From A 6th-Floor Window Survived Unharmed Thanks To A…


An incredible “miracle” occurred in Paris, France in 2010. What happened could be easily described as an universal stroke of good luck.


Two small children were left unsupervised by their parents in an apartment building in Paris.
The 18-montold baby boy and his 4-year-old sister were seemingly playing when somehow the toddler managed to get dangerously close to the window and fall from the 6th floor and then bounce of a coffee place shed below .

The most fortunate moment was when a passing doctor witnessed the whole thing unravel in front his shocked eyes. He was then forced to make a decision in a split second. Thankfully he was able to rush in, assume an appropriate position and catch the baby in his arms before the worst had happened.
The baby boy had suffered no injuries and was completely unharmed.

In an interview the doctor admitted that his act was pure luck. He had been in the right place at the right time. Despite his modesty he deserves to be called a true hero!


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