Did You Know That An Intruder Failed To Rob A Shop Because Was Scared Off By A Singing ….

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There is a famous singing prop that also moves called “Big Mouth Billy Bass”. The prop of a real bass fish was created in the distant 1998 by a guy called Joe Pellettieri from Bass Pro Shops. The Big Mouth Billy Bass signature stunt is meant to startle unsuspecting people passing by and sings old cover songs. Usually it sings “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” or the famous “Take Me To The River”.

But the Big Mouth Billy Bass has many more applications beyond that. The prop fish was able to startle a burglar who broke into a tackle shop in the town of Rochester. When the intruder broke into the shop with the intention of robbing it, he activated the motion sensor of the novelty gift fish. It began singing very loudly Al Green’s “Take Me To The River” in the middle of the night. The burglar panicked and ran away without taking anything with him.


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