Did You Know That An iPhone Thief Sent His Victim An 11-Page Handwritten List Of 1,000…


A Chinese man named Zou Bin became a victim of a pickpocket. Mr. Bin was sharing a cab with an unknown man in the central part of the Chinese province of Hunan when the crime happened.


The thief was able to snatch Bin’s brand new and expensive iPhone 4S containing all of his valuable contacts and information. After discovering that his phone was missing Zou Bin immediately sent a threatening text message to his own phone.

In the texts he informed the culprit that he knew who he was and demanded his phone back immediately. He also gave instructions to the pickpocket to browse through his contact list so he understood that he shouldn’t mess with him in any way because of Zou Bin’s powerful friends. He asked the pickpocket to safely return his iPhone to the address that was posted in the texts.


Zou was shocked when a courier knocked on his door 3 days later. He received a package that sadly did not contain his iPhone. Instead, there were 11 handwritten pages which were actually all of Zou’s 1,000 contact names and numbers. The pickpocket had obviously taken Mr. Bin’s threats seriously and returned his contact list but not the iPhone itself.

Zou Bin is still perplexed why the pickpocket would waste time and energy handwriting a note containing 1,000 contacts.


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