Did you know that an Iraqi man moved to Australia and used the Welfare system as income. Some years later he…


In 1996 Sam Eisho and his wife fled from their home country Iraq and from Saddam Hussein’s dictating regime. In 1999 they managed to travel to Australia and to start their lives all over again there. Thanks to Australia’s Welfare program, which provided Eisho and his wife with an average of $250 for around 3 years, Eisho managed to become the successful man he is nowadays.


The two were leading a difficult life until Eisho slowly started building a business as a furniture constructor. Nowadays he’s the Managing Director at SR Construction and is more successful than ever. However, he hasn’t forgotten about the Australian government. In 2009 the man tried to give the government an $18,000 check in order to pay back the welfare payments he had received from the program, but the check was refused. Eisho donated the money to good causes.
Up until now he has aided numerous institutions, including hospitals and schools, but he still feels like he’s in depth because Australia’s government did more than just saving his and his wife’s lives.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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