Did you know that an Irish man made a billion-euro home of ….


A house build entirely of €1.4 billion ($1.367 billion) decommissioned and shredded banknotes has quickly turned out to be Dublin’s most intriguing attraction.


The Irish artist Frank Buckley was forced to move out of his apartment in Wicklow after it had gone into negative equity. The talented artist decided to turn his currently rented ground floor into a true masterpiece of art. His whole house top-to-bottom is entirely covered by shredded Euro bills including even the toiled bowl. “Flushing money down the toilet” bears new meaning if you visit the museum-house, the artist mentioned in an interview.


He not only designed and created himself the “The Billion Euro House” out of bricks made by shredded banknotes representing the worth of 50,000 Euros each, but he even opened it for public visits after consistent growth in popularity among tourists and travelers. Originally the idea “tickled” his landlord, but turning his rented place into a 21st century modern day museum was one-of-a-kind decision that earned him the respect of many.

According to the artist he wanted to create a 21st century monument to the death of the universal currency. The fact that people constantly obsess over money and property inspired the artist to commit and build something beautiful which represents his opinion of the world. Ironically, now he lives rent free!


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