Did you know that an Italian brain surgeon had a heart attack in the middle of an ope….


A brain surgeon from Italy had an angina attack while he was conducting a difficult brain surgery. Despite the serious health problem, the doctor refused to stop the surgery because to do so would involve a great risk for the patient.


Doctor Claudio Vitale, aged 59, started feeling pains in his chest during an operation to remove a tumour. The situation worsened and his colleagues urged him to stop the surgical procedure, but he firmly refused. The doctor agreed to blood tests, which confirmed an angina attack. However, even though the doctor himself needed immediate care and treatment, he continued the operation he was performing.


As soon as the surgery was complete, Dr Vitale underwent a special procedure called angioplasty. He explained it was impossible to leave the patient and claimed he wasn’t a hero but just doing his duty. It is believed that the surgeon will be back at work after a period of recovery.


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