Did you know that an LA company provides attractive 'cuddle specialists' to…


If you are lucky enough to live in LA for a meager 70-100 dollars you can actually call a cuddle buddy to your home.
Actually, the online company offering this service calls their employees “cuddle experts”.
Although one might assume the service provides something more besides cuddling, the company’s policy claims that everything remains appropriate during the 60-90 minute cuddling session and that all clothes remain on at all times.
The company, appropriately named “Private cuddle”, offers to send an attractive, clean and “professional” man or woman to your home to cuddle with you and to offer the comfort and health benefits which experts claim cuddling actually causes. The inventive company claims that their employees are “skilled cuddlers” whatever that means.


Studies show that cuddling not only brings a person a comforting feeling, but it also makes people happy because of the “bonding” hormone oxytocin and  the “feel good” hormone endorphin released by the brain as a result from intimacy.
Also, cuddling has been said to help reduce stress and normalize blood pressure as well.
Last but not least, cuddling therapy will make the client feel wanted and loved according to the owners of ‘Private cuddle’.


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