Did You Know That An 'O2 Bandit' Robs Banks While Carrying ….


We have all seen bank heists in movies. As thrilling as they can get with all the masks, shotguns and ingenious plans for getting the loot from the vault in real life they could be somewhat plain and simple.

Recently, the Denver police encountered a problem identifying a culprit that is believed to be behind at least 3 separate bank robberies last month. The investigators as well as the public gave the man the peculiar nickname “The O2 Bandit”. His unique style involves the use of an oxygen tank and a medical mask. Besides the unusual medical gear the man is using a rather standard routine.

Image Source: FBI
Image Source: FBI

He enters a bank, passes a note with his demands to the bank teller and finally evacuates the building with the cash as fast as his lungs let him.


The description of the O2 Bandit is as follows: he’s an African-American, aged 50 to 60, medium build and about 6 feet tall.

A bank robbery is usually punishable with a 20+ year sentence for every committed crime. The penalty would increase dramatically if a dangerous weapon is used.


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