Did You Know That An Obese School Girl Lost 66 Lbs. To Battle For…


At 186 lbs. 11-year-old Breanna Bond was not only an easy target for bullies but she was also threatened by health problems. Many things were off limits for the school girl as she was clinically obese and lots of activities were dangerous at her weight. However, the 6th-grader and her mom decided it was time to turn things around.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

It took Breanna only 14 months to drop the extra 66 lbs. Yet, this was not the most important change. Breanna not only liked doing sports which helped her lose so much weight but today she is aiming at the Junior Olympics Games. What is more, she has already qualified for the 500-yard freestyle swimming competition. Breanna’s mom explains her daughter started gaining weight when she was a toddler.


She was worried it was a genetic disorder or a thyroid issue but the reason turned out to be far more prosaic – it was just a matter of lifestyle. When the whole family opted for a healthier diet and more sports and outdoor activities, things quickly changed. Breanna and her mom have launched a website dedicated to the girl’s weight-loss journey in the hopes of inspiring other children who are struggling with obesity.


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