Did You Know That An Online Game Winner Received A Brick Instead Of…


A college student named Le Khanh Hung, 21 from the southern city of Can Tho in Vietnam enjoyed playing online games quite a lot. Eventually, his addictive hobby earned him a prize after he got selected as the lucky winner of a brand new smartphone Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos which was worth exactly $250.


Unfortunately for Hung, there was a some kind of an extremely awkward problem with the shipment of his brand new smartphone. When the lucky winner received the package he got the shock of his life. Instead of a new and sealed Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos, Hung opened up the package only to discover with great upset that he had been sent a stone brick from a wall.


The upset prize winner immediately phoned the company that had sent him the phone and alerted them about the peculiar predicament. Hung was promised by the company no compensation or a new prize smartphone but told there were sent numerous prize smartphones to other winners and never a situation like this had occurred.

The company stated they were working with their couriers to get to the bottom of this issue. 


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