Did you know that An underground bunker is going up for sale for…


An underground bunker in Georgia, US, is going for sale for the whopping $17.5 million.
A completely renovated and remodeled underground bunker set to withstand a nuclear explosion is being advertised on the real estate market for $17,500,000 million.

Image Source: Harry Norman Realtors/

The bunker in question is located near Tifton, Georgia, US. It was built in the distant 1969. The bunker has been renovated in 2012 in order to meet all present-day high-end requirements one such bunker would have to meet if it has to provide an accommodation for a wealthy household. The $17.5 million building lies four storages below the ground’s surface. It has 3 feet thick walls, which are made in such a way that they can withstand even a nuclear explosion as powerful as a 20 kiloton blast. It also features two completely livable floor areas, which are fitted with luxurious 2-bedroom apartments and own bathrooms. The bunker can house up to 13 people as well as staff people, who have 5 separate bedrooms. There’s also a cinema room, an entertainment room, a workshop, medical rooms and even a weapon storage room. The apartments have been furnished with luxurious interior pieces and each of them has two bedrooms, a kitchen area, a living area and a contemporary-styled bathroom.


Apart from the luxurious furniture pieces, the bunker is also equipped with a personalized electric and solar heating, cooling and ventilating systems, high speed Internet connection, and decontamination water purifying system. The bunker comes with a 20+ acres of exterior, a fenced yard, a satellite dish. Overall, the combination of present-day luxurious amenities and the solid façade of the underground building make the bunker a perfect fit for any apocalyptic events, such as a nuclear blast, a natural disaster… or a zombie apocalypse.


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