Did You Know That Angelina Jolie Is Freezing Her Eggs Because…


Despite already having six children, three biological and three adopted ones, Angelina Jolie hasn’t given up on the idea of having another baby. According to rumors the actress is about to undergo another cancer-preventive operation in which her ovaries would be removed.


However, Angelina plans to freeze some of her eggs so she and Brad Pitt would be able to have another biological child that would most probably be carried by a surrogate mother. In February 2013 the actress underwent double mastectomy after it was discovered she had the same defective gene that took the lives of her mother and aunt. Both of them died from cancer several years ago. Worried for herself, Jolie decided to undergo the severe operation.


A source close to the family has revealed that both Jolie and Pitt want to have more children one day which made the actress have her eggs frozen in the hopes of having another biological heir.


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