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Did You Know That Angelina Jolie Is Going To Testify In…..


Eunice Huthart, one of Angelina Jolie’s stunt doubles from the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, recently filed a lawsuit against News Corp that inflamed a huge scandal.


The stunt double who is also a godmother to one of Angelina’s children is suing the giant media corporation founded by Rupert Murdoch for allegedly intercepting her voice mail messages. In her claim Eunice Huthart states that Glen Mulcairea, a private investigator working on contract for “News of the World”, as well as other journalists had her private cell phone number and voicemail pin code.

They allegedly used this information and the fact Huthart had a personal and professional relationship with Jolie to illegally tap her phone in order to pick up some hot juicy gossip news regarding Brad Pitt and Angelina’s relationship.


Now Huthart is pressing charges in the state of California due to the existence of the Stored Communications Act and the Wiretap Act that protect citizens against invasion or privacy. She also hopes to have Angelina testify on her behalf in a California based court.


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